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LEARN while you EARN  A

passive income Online from anywhere.

Freedom is the power to own the story of your life.



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   Are you ready to have real FREEDOM?

Discover  High-Ticket sales skills and  successful strategies

My Story

I have always been a dreamer and a believer that anything is possible if you apply your time and energy with a plan of action. 

After my ugly divorce years ago, I found myself struggling to make ends meet.  I was a single Mom at that time and had just left a job I hated and started my own massage therapy business when divorce happened.  Although it was very stressful then, I could always enter my massage therapy room for my clients and leave the outside world outside.  I loved helping people and making their pains diminish and them feel better. 

At times I took on a 9-5 job and worked evenings and weekends with massage clients to be able to have medical benefits and be able to afford some things I wanted to do in live. Like return to college and get a degree. Ha! Yea that was expensive and a lot of time and to this date I am still only a few classes away from the degree.

Then my father passed away and I had to move after being a well establish massage therapist for 17 yrs.  I had to give it up and move to the property that had been in our family for over 50 yrs.  It was rough.

Over the years, I always kept MY dream alive of being a successful entrepreneur and bills would no longer be a heavy burden.  I can’t even remember how many MLM’s and product sales in networks I tried.  I gave them all a ‘good ole college try’. None of them worked.

All of the above was prior to the world change in 2020, when people had to stay home and start communicating, socializing, doing business using modern technology for so many reasons.  Who knew it would grow into a huge change of how people can now make money on-line?  Without brick and mortar or big overhead costs.

Now in 2022 there is so much more opportunity to communicate, share, create, shop, pay bills and yes make money.  But not all online programs are successful.  I have tried a few now and I won’t share the names unless you DM me and really want to know.  But what I have found, that is so important, is the right mentor.  A mentor who has been in my shoes and has found the right mentor for her and has been very successful.  I know that with the personal action and strategic plan that I have now, I now want to pay it forward too, and help others to reach their goals and dreams in their life journey.

PLEASE send me a message if you would like me to help you in the right action plan to have the life you know you can have.


 I always say: 
"if you are going to fall... always fall forward. It is much easier to get up than if you fall on your back"  and...
"Anything is possible when you apply yourself."
"Quitting is not an option"

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